KTM Files Patents For Radar-Guided Cruise Control

KTM is working on its own brand of radar-guided cruise control system, and it could well be introduced in even smaller KTM models.

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KTM patent filings show radar-powered cruise control system

Latest patent applications filed by Austrian motorcycle brand KTM show its own brand of radar-guided cruise control systems. The patent images show a small capacity KTM, actually a made-in-India KTM 390 Duke, although it doesn’t mean that the patent filing means the 390 Duke will get radar-powered adaptive cruise control. What this indicates is that KTM will introduce its own radar-powered cruise control system, and more importantly, the position of the sensor, what it does and sees and then relays to the bike’s computer to take appropriate action.

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The KTM’s system will possibly use both radar and lidar to power the adaptive cruise control

The KTM system, as shown in the patent images, is a front facing warning system, which will also warn the rider about vehicles approaching from the rear. The patent filings mention about a headlight and at least one more sensor, so the KTM system could possibly be a combination of both radar and lidar which will measure distances and recognise objects. The patent filings also mention how the field of view of the sensors is able to detect vehicles or pedestrians encroaching from the side. The image is then analysed by the onboard computer and is either classified as problematic or critical. KTM is also planning to install a warning system to alert the rider.

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Patent images show the system with one or two sensors which will send images to be analysed by the bike’s computer


Radar-powered adaptive cruise control systems are the next big thing in advanced rider assistance systems which many leading manufacturers are working on. BMW Motorrad unveiled the BMW R 1250 RT with radar-powered cruise control, and Ducati is also working on a similar system on the new Ducati Mulstistada 1260 GT. Now, with the latest patent filings, KTM also seems to be working on its own brand of radar-powered adaptive cruise control system. While KTM’s bigger bikes, including future models of the 1290 Super Duke are expected to get the system, it will be quite an enhancement if KTM does decide to introduce smaller bikes like future models of the 390 Duke and 390 Adventure with radar-powered cruise control systems.

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