Flipkart app to offer shoppers camera option with AR

This offer would help shoppers to imagine and experience what a product would look like in reality

Flipkart, a homegrown e-commerce marketplace, introduced, Flipkart Camera to offer an immersive e-commerce experience through Augmented Reality (AR) on its shopping app.

The offering would help shoppers to leap from ‘imagining’ to ‘experiencing’ what a product would look like in reality before making a purchase, said the company.

The camera would offer a 3D experience of products such as furniture, luggage and large appliances, where customers needed to estimate the size and fit of the product and understand its aesthetics before making a purchase decision. The beauty products category would also be covered under augmented reality.

Jeyandran Venugopal, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Flipkart, said, “With Flipkart Camera, we aim to take this experience a notch higher by offering in-house demonstrations of products from the comfort of a consumer’s living room, thereby helping them make an informed decision before purchasing.”

According to a report by Gartner, Gen Z and millennials are driving the demand for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (VR) features, with 30% of them wanting more AR/VR capabilities incorporated in their shopping experience.

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