Are you also a victim of stress eating disorder? Follow these 6 tips to overcome

Have you felt that whenever you are under stress, you feel like food cravings? If this happens to you then you are not alone. Actually it is called emotional eating or stress eating disorder. Health line According to them, such people make food medium to overcome negative emotions. However, after doing this, guilt feeling also comes in these people and they blame themselves for this habit of eating. Some small things can be adopted to overcome this. Let’s know some special ways to overcome this.

1. Create a Food Diary

The first step in dealing with stress eating will be to buy a diary for yourself and write the details of whatever you eat and drink in the diary. You should also write here when you got hungry and how you felt while eating. With this, you will know the right pattern of your hunger and you will be able to find ways to get rid of it.

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2. Keep the stress away

Focus on what you get in the stress. In such a situation, either ignore those things or explain to yourself that there is nothing to gain from taking stress, but you have to take unnecessary losses. For this, you can also take help of yoga, meditation etc.

3. Do not keep junk food in the house

This is an important step to recover from stress ingress. Do not keep junk foods and drinks in your home that are unhealthy and that promote your craving.

4. Perform Physical Activities

Some people believe that when such a situation is formed with them, they either go on the long walk or exercise. According to a study, some such people kept themselves engaged in yoga for 8 weeks and found that they were less affected by envy and depression and their food craving was also controlled.

5. Use some healthy diet

Next time you have food craving due to negative feeling, try a healthy diet. Such as fresh fruits, salads, plain popcons, low fat – low calorie foods, etc.
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6. Use small things

If you want to eat snacks, instead of taking the whole packet, eat them by putting them in small plates. By doing this, there will be food craving control and you will find that you are eating less than before. Whenever you feel like hunger, take a deep breath and wait a little.


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