Bitter gourd seeds, roots and leaves are also beneficial for health, learn how to use them

Benefits of Bitter Gourd: Consuming bitter gourd is very beneficial for health, you must have heard this. But do you know Not only bitter gourd and its juice, but also bitter gourd seeds, roots and leaves are also very beneficial for health. Let us tell you how the bitter gourd, its seeds, roots and leaves can be used for health benefits.

Use them in this way

– If there are insects in the stomach, by grinding two to three grams of bitter gourd seeds, consuming it, gets rid of insects. If seeds are not available, for this you can also take juice of ten to twelve milligrams of bitter gourd.

-If there is a problem of cold and phlegm, grind the root of five grams bitter gourd, mix honey in it and eat it. If you do not want to add honey, then you can also consume it by adding five grams of basil leaves juice.Read this: Apply garlic oil to your hair, get rid of dandruff in a pinch

-To remove the problem of swelling in the throat, grind dry bitter gourd and mix it in vinegar, by heating it lightly, applying it on the throat provides relief in swelling.

– Mostly speaking or shouting often causes the problem of sore throat, to get rid of this, grind the root of five grams bitter gourd, mixed with honey or basil juice and eat it.

-The problem of cholera is relieved by consuming bitter gourd root. For this, make a decoction by taking twenty grams bitter gourd root. Add sesame oil to it and eat it.

-In the case of stomach watering, which is ascites disease, grinding ten to fifteen milligrams of bitter gourd leaves, extracting its juice, mixing honey and drinking it provides relief.

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Consuming bitter gourd also benefits in monthly religion disorder. For this, after extracting the juice of bitter gourd leaves, grind black peppercorns in it, mix half a teaspoon powder of peepal powder and one gram dry ginger in it.

Sometimes there is a problem of not getting milk in maternity. In this case, boil eight-ten leaves of bitter gourd in water, after filtering this water and lukewarm, feeding milk will speed up the process of milk.

-In the condition of shingles, grinding the bitter gourd leaves, extracting its juice and applying it on the place of shingles is beneficial.

– If there is a viral fever, removing bitter gourd juice and drinking cumin powder mixed with it will benefit.

– Even in burning sensation of juice, juice of bitter gourd gives relief. For this, grind the leaves and extract its juice and apply it on the soles. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)


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