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Often people like to eat rice, but many times do not eat it for fear of gaining weight. In such a situation, brown rice may be a better option for you. Brown rice is beneficial in many ways for health. If it is compared to white rice it is more nutritious. It is also helpful in reducing the risk of many diseases. It contains rich amounts of manganese, phosphorus, selenium and iron. Apart from reducing calories, it also has many other benefits.

Diabetes prevention
Webmd According to a report by the US, some studies suggest that daily intake of whole grains like brown rice is helpful in preventing type 2 diabetes. Brown rice has a lower glycemic index than white rice. Because of which the blood sugar level does not increase.

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Keeps the heart healthy
Health line According to a report published in Brown Rice maintains the health of the heart. It is full of fiber and beneficial compounds, which are helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease. Nowadays heart related diseases are also happening among the youth. In such a situation, it is very important that cholesterol be kept balanced. Otherwise it blocks your nerves and causes heart diseases. Water from brown rice contains unsaturated oil, which helps reduce cholesterol.

Keeps the brain healthy
In today’s run-of-the-mill life, we have to face many kinds of mental troubles. There is a risk of many mental illnesses. It becomes. Manganese is found in brown rice. This nutrient helps in the formation of fatty acids and hormones that benefit the nervous system.

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Helpful in weight loss
Brown rice has significantly lower calories than white rice. In this case, it is helpful in weight loss. Brown rice contains an excessive amount of fiber, which keeps metabolism healthy.


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