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There may or may not be anything necessary for better life, but it has become important since good health and looking fit. For this, everyone is willing to include anything in his diet. But the thing you see in most people’s diet is full dietary supplements, chia seeds. There are many benefits to eating these seeds. Mixing this in milk makes it even more nutritious. But it also has many side effects.

Chia seeds are full dietary supplements

It is a dietary supplement containing all the nutrients like calcium, vitamins, protein, fiber and antioxidants. That is why everyone, whether aged or young, has an interest in consuming it. Not only this, young children who are studying in school, after hearing about it, insist on eating it to keep themselves fit.

Fashion models are also involved in diet

Many fashion models are also adding this in their diet. Not only this, Chia Seeds has been created using them, clicking photos with various dishes and sharing them on social networking sites.

We tell you about the benefits of Chia seeds.

Chia seeds are very effective in weight loss. It enhances memory. It is also capable of increasing blood. Builds bones. Keeps the digestive system correct. Improves skin and hair shine. Increases energy in the body. Erases weakness.

There are some side effects of overeating chia seeds. Which you should also know about.

Chia seeds are high in fiber, which can cause abdominal pain, constipation and gas problems. Food allergies can also occur which may cause problems like diarrhea, vomiting. Watery eyes, swelling and itching in the body can also occur. If you have diabetes, avoid eating it, because chia seeds can increase the glucose level.

Seek advice from doctors

Chia seeds are included in their diet at the behest of each other or read elsewhere. But before including it in your diet, it is important to consult the doctors so that you do not face any kind of problem. Because there are advantages to eating it, but there are also disadvantages.


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