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If you are troubled by your tiredness again and again, do not do it in any way. You may have been infected with Chronic Hepatitis B. It is a deadly disease whose symptoms are difficult to detect. Actually, this is a disease that does not come across suddenly. We feel that we are getting upset like this, but by then you have come in the infection of life-Threatening Illness. In such a situation, if you are also feeling tired for many days, then definitely go to the doctor.

What is chronic hepatitis b According to Chronic Hepatitis B, that is, jaundice is a disease that slowly hollows our body and we do not even know. This disease affecting liver is actually life-threatening, which cannot be ignored at all.

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What are the symptoms

It is a symptom of repeated fatigue, flu like fever, vomiting, skin yellowing. Its symptoms are so normal that it looks like a normal fever, but it slowly starts taking terrible form and causes liver cells to deteriorate and blood vomiting.

Hepatitis B increases with infection

Usually it spreads through blood and saliva. If infected children are injected after injecting other children with the same injection, it can spread. As soon as this virus comes in contact with blood, it first damages the liver. It is from here that he starts increasing his virus and produces a virus.

Makes elders more infected

The virus spreads faster in adults than in children. However, even in adults exposed to the virus, 40 percent of cases do not show any symptoms, which is the most dangerous thing. This can be due to many reasons, including hygiene being the main cause.

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There are many types of this disease

There are 5 types of viruses responsible for Hepatitis. They are known as A, B, C, D, E. Out of these, the attack of A virus is done on young children, which is quickly cured. Hepatitis E virus attacks adults, which is cured in 95 percent of cases. In our country, infection of these viruses also occurs in the absence of dirt and personal hygiene.

What is the solution

Keep cleanliness around you. Do not drink water without cleaning it. If you live more outside, then take water from home. If possible, everyone in the house can get vaccinated to prevent it.


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