Corona third wave second dose of vaccination covishield covaxin questions answered by AIIMS doctor Avdhesh Chandra podcast by pooja prasad pur | Know the third wave of Kovid, the second dose of the vaccine and expert opinion on the dangers

Confusion still persists in the mind regarding the changing form and vaccination of Corona. That’s why today we are going to talk to Dr. Awadhesh Chandra to clear all such confusions.

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Hello friends, the discussion of the third wave of Corona is going on continuously. We are hearing again and again about the new variants of Corona. Sometimes Delta, sometimes Delta Pulse and now Kampa, whose 11 cases have been found in Rajasthan. But the truth is that there are still confusions in the mind regarding the changing form of corona and vaccination. That’s why today we are going to talk to Dr. Awadhesh Chandra to clear all such confusions. Dr Awadhesh is Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Cardiology at AIIMS. We chatted with him about these questions, whose answers you can hear in this podcast…

The first question is, how is it estimated about the arrival of the wave that did not come or its effect? Or what is the certainty about whether the third wave will come or not?

Can’t the third wave be stopped? Or if we can stop it then how?

In your view, what is the reason for the form that the Kovid epidemic has taken and it comes out again and again in a formidable form?

There is a lot of confusion about vaccination even today. A question also arises in the mind that how effective will it be on the third wave of Korana?

You are going to talk about booster dose in future. But before the booster dose, right now there is some confusion regarding the dosage of the vaccine, for example, if we leave the first dose then we are not safe, it is necessary to take the second dose? Or when to take the second dose? Or for how many days is the first dose effective?

It is understood from your point that apart from the vaccine, there is no way to avoid this covid. We should get vaccinated. Now the last thing, what message would you like to give to our listeners?

So friends, just now you were listening to Dr. Awadhesh Chandra, once again thank you and Dr. Sahab on our behalf. Next time we will meet again with some other expert with similar questions. Till then, allow Puja Prasad to be allowed. Hi.


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