Hypertension can have an effect on sex life, know what precautions to take

Due to illnesses, people have a bad effect on their lives. Talk about high blood pressure, so it affects many parts of the body. Due to high blood pressure or hypertension, a person’s heart, kidneys are not only affected but also affect the sex parts. Let’s know how hypertension can affect our sex life-

Effects on sexual organs

Many people are falling prey to the disease of hypertension today. This can have an effect on the sex parts of both men and women. According to a study, 49 percent of people have erectile dysfunction due to high blood pressure in men over 40 years of age. It is also called impotence or erectile dysfunction. In this affected person, there is no stimulation in the penis for a long time during sexual intercourse. Because of this their sex life gets spoiled. Actually, the reason for this is because of high blood pressure, the arteries obstruct the blood in the penis.Side effects of erectile dysfunction

In case of erectile dysfunction, the person may become a victim of inferiority. Many times people are afraid that if they will have sex, then their partner will think because their performance is not good. Because of this, there are problems in relationships. If a person suffering from hypertension is struggling with this type of problem, then he needs to get his checkup and treatment done.

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Decreased sexual desire

According to myUpchar, due to the problem of hypotension in the person, there is a decrease in their desire for sex. Lack of desire for sex increases tension in married life. Their life becomes dull due to not being able to enjoy sex with their spouse. On the other hand, there may be a decrease in sexual desire in women due to hypertension. This is due to reduced blood flow in the vagina of women. In such a situation, there is also a problem of dryness in the vagina. Because of this, the woman has a lot of pain during sex, so women suffering from hypertension prefer to keep away from sex.

Effect of hypertension drugs

In many cases, it has come to the fore that in men who are taking hypertension medication, sexual desire starts decreasing. Although erectile dysfunction can be caused by many medicines, but due to high blood pressure medication, this problem has been seen more.

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It is also believed that 25 per cent of diseases can have a bad effect on sex life, due to which the married life of many people is full of stress.

According to myUpchar such people should take special care of their food. One should not consume too much fatty food and cardiac exercise must be done at least five days a week.

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