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Do Not Boil Milk Again And Again: We know that milk is a very important drink in the process of making health. But what if we come to know that milk is actually spoiling the health of us and our family. Yes, actually there is a tradition of boiling milk in our homes repeatedly, which is not good for our health under any circumstances. According to a research, 17 percent of women are not aware that boiling milk repeatedly kills its nutrients. At the same time, 59 percent women feel that boiling milk increases their nutrients, and 24 percent women feel that boiling milk does not make any difference. So let’s know some facts related to its boiling-

It is harmful to boil milk again and again

Many homes boil milk three to four times a day. Not only this, even after boiling, it is kept on low flame. But let us tell you that the more the bacteria in the milk boils, the more it will die. These good bacteria protect your body from many diseases. In this case, boiling milk again and again can be harmful.

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Nutrients are exhausted

Do not forget to boil milk again and again. Actually, by boiling milk again and again, its nutrients start getting depleted. To avoid this loss of nutrition, it is important that milk is not boiled again and again. It is generally wrong to believe that boiling milk repeatedly increases its nutrients.

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No boiling

In many homes, milk is boiled again and again because they think that doing so will not spoil the milk. But know that this habit is dangerous for your family’s health. Turn off the gas after coming to a boil, when the milk is offered to boil on the gas, stir it continuously with a spoon or ladle and turn off the gas as soon as the milk comes to a boil.

Do not keep hot milk in the fridge

If you boil the milk, keep in mind that keep the boiled milk in the normal temperature for some time. Only when the temperature of the milk is normal, keep it in the fridge. Avoid keeping hot milk in the fridge. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)


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