In the cold weather, eat greens of Bathu, know its 8 special benefits

In winter season, consuming more greens of Bathua can be avoided by many types of physical problems. Eat Bathu at least by adding spices. If you do not add salt, it is good, if you have to mix it to taste, then add rock salt and mix it with desi ghee. The boiled water of Bathu tastes good and its Raita prepared in curd is delicious. Do consume Bathua in any way during winter. Iron, mercury, gold and alkali are found in Bathu. Let’s know about its benefits.

-Bathua gives strength to the stomach and relieves constipation problem. The vegetable of Bathu is good for the stomach, those who are constipated must eat the greens of Bathu. Eating Bathua brings strength in the body and keeps it alive.

-Even eat greens of winter in winter. This relieves the stomach problem. Drinking Bathuay juice also cures all types of diseases of the stomach, liver, spleen, indigestion, gas, worm, pain, haem stone.

Read also: Follow this detox plan in winter, keep yourself healthy like thisIf you have a stone, drinking sugar mixed with a glass of raw bathu juice, it gives relief. At the same time, after boiling the bath, washing the head with its water improves the growth of hair and there is no infection on the scalp.

If the periods are stopped then boil two teaspoons of Bathu seeds in a glass of water. Sieve and drink if you are half. This will cause periods regularly. Swelling of the eyes also ends by eating the greens of Bathu.

Half kilogram Bathua, three glasses of water, boil both and then filter the water. Squeeze the bath and take out the water and mix it in the filtered water. Take lemon, cumin, little black pepper and rock salt to taste and drink this water. Drinking it removes urine problems.

To remove the problem of stomach gas and indigestion, even the greens of Bathu are eaten. By eating this, the stomach feels light. Boiled leaves of Bathu can also be eaten by mixing in curd.

– Taking salt mixed with the juice of raw Bathuwe relieves the problem of stomach worm. Mixing one spoon of honey with a spoonful of honey and licking the worm also kills the blood circulation in the body.

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– In skin diseases like white stains, ringworm, itching, boils, boil Bathua regularly, squeeze and drink its juice and eat vegetables. Skin infections can also be washed with boiled water of Bathu. Grind the raw leaves of the bath and squeeze out the juice. Now mix half cup sesame oil in two cups of juice and heat it on low flame. When the juice remains water after burning, then filter and fill it in the vial and apply it on any type of infection on the skin. Keep applying for a long time, there will be benefit.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)


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