Kagasan will reduce the growing stomach, will remain tight and active

Today in Saturday’s Live Yoga Session, we did a number of micro exercises to keep the body flexible and strong. Yoga is very important to keep the body fit and healthy. Not only does physical health remain good with yoga, but it also keeps mental health better. Yoga posture is very important to get rid of stiffness in the body after waking up in the morning and to stay refreshed throughout the day. With their help, not only can many diseases be prevented, but they can also be overcome.

Now while Corona is growing again. We have to take full care of our health. If you are physically weak, you may be affected by an infection. Care should be taken in this way. Keep practicing continuously. You will get the benefit of yoga practice for a long time. Keep in mind these three things while doing yoga – do good work on breathing, do yoga in a rhythmic way and do yoga according to your physical ability.

PadmasanaThe word Padmasana is made up of two different words. The first word in Padmasana is Padma, which means lotus, while the second word is Asana, which means sitting. In Padmasana, the yogi sits in such a situation as a lotus flower.

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Benefits of Padmasana
Performing Padmasana gives tremendous benefits to the body. If you are ever feeling restless and restless then practice Padmasana. This will help calm your mind. To do this asana, to receive supernatural energy, to meditate or meditate, to awaken the Chakra or Kundalini. Padmasana is a very powerful posture. It is an excellent asana for back and heart diseases. All its physical and spiritual benefits are described in Yogasastra. It is one of the best rugs mentioned for meditation.

Abdominal force
Stomach development helps to get rid of stomach related problems. Also, the fat of the stomach is reduced. People who have problems related to digestion can increase their digestive power with this asana. Apart from this, doing it regularly reduces belly fat. Also, in constipation, this action is also beneficial. However high blood pressure, hernia and pregnant women should not practice it.

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There are many benefits to doing kagasana. Reduces stomach fat and maintains digestion. This posture is easy, its benefits are as much. It is considered quite beneficial for stomach diseases. Regular practice of Kagasan relieves many stomach problems. In addition, it is also helpful in reducing abdominal fat. To do this, first of all stand in careful posture. Then keep the paws of your feet absolutely straight and the claws of the hands sticking to the body. Then sit in this position. Your claws should be facing forward. Hold your knee with your hands.

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To do this Yogasana, first lie down on your back. Now join your two legs together and attach both your hands with the body. After this, take a deep breath and while exhaling, raise your chest with your feet while pulling your two hands towards the feet. Now take a long and deep breath, keep the posture and then relax while exhaling.


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