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Today we learned many ways to do yoga from Yoga expert Savita Yadav on Facebook page of News18 Hindi. In the Live Yoga session, several types of yoga asanas were given to relax in the troubles of work from home. Yoga is a journey from body to mind. By practicing yoga practice daily, it gets involved in the habit. By doing yoga, not only man can remain healthy but he also gets relief from all kinds of stress. Yoga is the act of gaining control over the breath and mind.

Respiratory exercises: Sit down in happiness Keep hands in air posture. Close your eyes and take long breaths and exhale. Do this process 5 times. Make a sound of समय while breathing for the last time.

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Do micro exercises: Lie on a yoga mat. Keep a gap between the legs and rotate both the legs circularly, doing this will bring flexibility in the feet. Do subtle exercises before starting yoga. Focus on breaths during breathing and exhalation process while performing subtle exercises.

Butterfly posture:
Butterfly posture is also called butterfly posture. This asana is especially beneficial for women. To perform butterfly posture, sit with your legs spread out in front, keep the spine straight. Bend the knees and bring both legs towards the pelvis. Hold both feet tightly with both hands. You can put your hands under your feet for support. Try to bring the heel as close to the genitals as possible. Take long, deep breaths, while exhaling, press the curves and thighs towards the ground. Start moving both legs up and down like butterfly wings. Accelerate slowly. Take a breath and leave your breath. Initially do it as much as you can. Increase practice gradually.

Anulom Antonym Pranayama: First of all sit in sukhasana by beating the palathi. After this, hold your right nostril with the right thumb and breathe in with the left nostril. Now close the left nostril with the ring finger. After this, open the right nostril and exhale. Now breathe in from the right nostril and repeat the same process and exhale through the left nostril.

Benefits of anulom vilom pranayama
– Lips are strong
-The body does not get sick quickly in the changing weather.
– helpful in reducing weight
– Improves digestive system
-Helpful to relieve stress or depression
-Also beneficial for knives.

Bhramari pranayama
You can do this pranayama both in the morning and in the evening. While doing Pranayama, keep in mind that the surrounding environment should be calm.

Way to do Bhramari Pranayama
– Sit on the ground to do Bhramari Pranayama. After this, fold the elbows of both hands to the ears and with the help of the thumb, close the ears.

After closing the ears, keep the index finger and middle of the hands, the Kanishka finger above the eyes in such a way that the entire face is covered. After this, close the mouth and leave light breath in and out of the nose.

– After doing this easy for 15 seconds, come back to normal. Repeat this pranayam 10 to 20 times. If you want, you can also do it 5 to 10 in the beginning.


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