Never do these mistakes related to medicines, otherwise there may be trouble

The letter said that a limited consignment of this drug was imported and it is available only with Cipla Limited, a marketing company.  (Token picture)

The letter said that a limited consignment of this drug was imported and it is available only with Cipla Limited, a marketing company. (Token picture)

There is a great need to take care of some things before taking medicines and before giving them to someone else. Otherwise, small mistake related to medicine can also cause great trouble.

If there is such a person in today’s lifestyle, who does not have to eat any kind of medicine even in a week or fifteen days. So it is no less than a blessing for him. Because now medicines are not related to age or any major illness (Medications are not related to age or major illness). Whatever be the age, medicines have become an important part of our life (Medicines have become part of life). The situation is that it is necessary for someone to eat many medicines in a day, then one only consumes medicine twice a week. But sometimes we inadvertently make many mistakes related to medicines. Which can become a cause of trouble not only for yourself but also for others. Let’s know about it. Taking medicine without doctor’s advice Often people eat any medicine and pen killer without any advice from the doctor, according to their mind or according to a friend and relative, in case of any kind of problem. Without knowing whether that medicine will suit his body or not. While this method is not good for health at all. Because it is not necessary that the medicine which is benefiting someone else, should also have a positive effect on your body. Therefore, it should be avoided to eat medicine without doctor’s advice. read this also: Get rid of unbearable pain in periods with these home remedies

Eating medicine on small issues (pen killers)

No matter what age, even the slightest pain is not tolerated. Everyone has a headache or period pain, a cold or a fever, is not feeling sleepy or has a boost in energy, all without the advice of a doctor, regardless of what kind of negative effects these medicines have on your kidneys or internal organs. Can affect, is consuming all kinds of medicine and pen killers. Which needs a lot of survival. Otherwise it can cause trouble for you.
Non expiry date check Many people do not pay attention to buying medicines and checking expiry dates before eating. Notice which medicine to buy or have to eat and take the medicine. Regardless of how long the medicine has been kept in medical stores or at home. Keep in mind that eating expired medicine may cause you to react and your health may deteriorate. Therefore, you should always avoid making this mistake related to medicine. read this also: Identify early signs of depression in this way, get rid of these home remedies

Use other medicine

If a person has any problem, if the doctors prescribe any medicine for him, then any other member of the family is fed the same medicine, if they have the same problem. Thinking that this medicine has been prescribed by the doctor for this particular problem, so anyone can eat it. However, it is not like that. The doctor writes the medicine for you only after examining you in every way. Therefore, it is not necessary that this medicine should also be favorable for the health of the other person in the house. Therefore, someone else should avoid eating the prescription medicine.


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