Painting for mental health: to keep mental health intact, stay creative, get help in painting during Corona period

Painting for mental health: It is not necessary that you have to be an expert artist to be creative. If you want, you can try to create something new with the help of colors or pencils without even learning. Your effort will make you mentally relaxed and you will feel more energetic under any circumstances. The science times According to this, any kind of art fills a person with positive energy. During the Corona period, there were many examples where people got themselves out of the negative environment with the help of art and are now living family life with better mental state.

A means of expression in loneliness

During the Corona period, there are many families in whose house every member is living in different cities. In this period of loneliness, the environment of disease like corona is affecting the mental health of the people even more. Some other members of the family, especially children and old people are feeling lonely amidst the home office and all kinds of busyness. In such a situation, painting and canvas have become a way to overcome their loneliness, here they can express their feelings with the help of colors and shapes and feel better.

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Treatment made of anxiety and stress

The American Art Therapy Association is also advocating that with the help of creative things like painting, drawing, dance, people are able to manage their emotions well and lead a better life. In a research, it has been found that in those people who are able to keep themselves connected to creative things, Happy Hormones are more active than stress hormones, due to which they are able to keep themselves positive in every situation.

Leftovers from memory loss

Tessera Brandon According to this, painting makes our brain sharp. With its help, we are able to visualize something better and implement it. Not only this, it boosts memory. People who are associated with writing, painting, draw, etc., do not have amnesia despite their old age. In such a situation, if people involve themselves in these activities during the corona period, then loneliness and stress can avoid the wrong effects on the brain.
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Academic performance is also better

If due to online studies, your child is unable to focus or cannot concentrate in studies, then its solution can also be removed from painting or other art. According to The Science Times, it has been found that people who are involved in music or art have more brain and they graduate at an early age. Not only this, the children associated with art also have more ease in understanding the numerical pattern of Math and Science.


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