Sometimes crying is also necessary, from physical pain to mental stress, it also removes

Crying Is Good For Your Health: Generally, people consider Crying as a sign of weakness. This is the reason why men avoid shedding tears or crying. But it has been proved in science that if you express your feelings openly and cry along with laughing, then it can have many benefits. Just as laughing openly is considered good for health, in the same way, crying wholeheartedly is also very important for the body and mind.

There are three types of tears

Reflex tear occurs when there is any garbage or smoke in the eye. The second is a basic tear that contains 98 percent water and keeps the eyes lubricated and prevents infection. The third is an emotional tear that has the highest amount of stress hormones and toxins and it is very important to get out. Let us tell you that man is the only species that can cry. In such a situation, we tell you here why crying sometimes is important.

These are the advantages1. makes you feel comfortable

If you cry whole heartedly, you feel lightheaded. Medical news today According to a research conducted in the year 2014, it has been found that if you are upset about something and you are not able to fix anything, then cry whole heartedly, you will feel comfortable in yourself. Not only this, your stress will also be reduced and you will be able to feel calm. You also feel capable of making the right decision after crying.

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2. Relieve pain

When you cry, the body releases Oxytocin and Indorfer Chemicals which improves your mood as well as reduces physical and mental pain.

3.Feel releases Good Chemical

When you cry wholeheartedly, chemicals like oxytocin and endorphins are released in the body. These feel good chemicals Whose release, you slowly start feeling lighter and get better in a while..

4. Turns out the body toxin

When a person cries due to stress, then the toxin formed in the body slowly starts coming out with the help of tears. These tears release many types of good hormones which are beneficial for physical and mental health.

5. Sleep is good

In the study of the year 2015, it was found that when the child cries, immediately after crying, he gets good sleep and deep sleep. Similarly, the same happens with adult humans. Crying calms the mind, reduces restlessness and leads to good sleep.
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6. Good for eye health

Tear also works to clean the eyes and prevents many types of bacteria. A 2011 study found that the lysozyme element present in the tear actually has powerful antibacterial properties that protect the eye from many bioterror agents.

7. Enhances eyesight

According to the National Eye Institute, the basic tear lubricates the eyes as well as enhances the light of the eyes and people are able to see clearly. It maintains the moisture of the eye members and prevents it from drying out.


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