These tips by Nutritionist Rujuta Divekar will give relief from heat and skin problem

Learn the special tips of Nutritionist Rujuta Divekar Image / shutterstock

Learn the special tips of Nutritionist Rujuta Divekar Image / shutterstock

Nutrienist Rujuta Divekar’s tips for Summer- To get relief from heat and to overcome skin and stomach problems, you can follow the tips of Nutritionist Rujuta Divekar who guides celebrities.

In the summer season people have to face many kinds of problems. In order to avoid which, various methods are tried. This time, you are a well-known nutritionalist of the country. Rujuta Divekar, Those who continue to guide the big celebrities, they can try the methods mentioned by them. In addition to guiding celebrities, Rujuta continues to guide common people through social networking. This time, Rujuta has listed some methods to relieve heat and to overcome problems such as pimples, bums, bloating, diarrhea, acidity, stomach upset and breakouts during the summer season, which are both natural as well as natural. (Natural) too. You also know.

Variyali (fennel) sorbet

To get relief from the heat, as well as to get rid of problems like constipation and acidity, Rujuta has advised to drink Variyali i.e. fennel syrup. According to him, drinking this sorbet is good for digestion. Stomach problems like constipation and indigestion are also overcome. At the same time freshness and lightness are also felt. The fennel syrup also gets rid of the bad smell coming from the mouth and detoxes the body as well.

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Use poppy water for drinking

Nutritionist Rujuta says that if khus is used during summer, it is very beneficial for the body. For this, put some roots of poppy seeds in a water bottle. After three hours, use the water for drinking. You can use this water for three days. After this, remove the poppy from the bottle and separate it and dry it in the sun and use it again. Drinking this water will make you feel refreshed and lightness will also feel. Rujuta says, you can also use it as a body scrubber if you want to use poppy water for a second time. Using it helps in correcting the rash on the body during summer. Also, he told that if the curtains of poppy are used instead of cloth curtains in the house, then it will be much better.

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Use sandalwood water for bathing

Nutritionists say, if bathed with sandalwood during summer, the body gets many benefits. For this, you grind the sandal wood on a stone plate and take out the sandalwood. Then in the last round of bathing, mix it in two mugs of water, take a bath with this water. If you get freshness from this, skin related problems will also be removed. Also, the smell of tan sandalwood will be important.


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