These yogasanas will increase immunity power, keep away from diseases

To avoid the effects of every virus, it is important to practice yoga regularly. With this, the body will be able to fight against diseases. Body stiffness will be removed. Many important yoga practices were taught in Saturday’s live yoga session today. Some people have been doing work from home for a long time. In such a situation, they do not have problem with cervical pens and some strong exercises are very effective for keeping the shoulders etc. strong. Also important are meditative postures such as Vriksasana, which make the body strong while making the body energetic. Also, before exercise, keep in mind these three rules that take deep long breaths, follow the pace and do yoga according to your ability. By doing yoga regularly, energy is transmitted in the body. Also get rid of many types of diseases.

Triangle pedestal
To do this asana (Trikonasana), first of all, stand upright on the ground. Now keep your feet three feet away from each other. Now take a deep breath. After this, keep your right hand on the right toe and raise your left hand straight towards the sky. Note that your left hand is just above the head. Now raise your head upwards as well. During this time, both your hands should be in a straight line. Stay in this position for some time and keep breathing deeply. After that repeat this asana on the other leg.

Margarie seat

Marjari Asan is called in English as Cat pose. It is also known as cat stretch posture. By doing this asana, flexibility of the spine and back muscles remains. Marjari Asana is a forward and backward yoga posture. Cat walk is famous all over the world, but we discuss about cat pose in yoga posture class. This asana is beneficial for your body in many ways. This asana gives a good stretch to the spine. With this it gives relief in back pain and neck pain.

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Benefits of Margery posture
Helps the spine become more flexible
Helps improve digestion
Improves blood circulation
Helps reduce unnecessary fat from stomach
Helps tone the stomach
Helps a lot in relieving stress
Calms the mind and provides mental peace
Makes both shoulder and wrist strong

Tree plantation
To do this posture, first of all stand upright in the posture of meditation. Now bring both your hands to the thighs. After this, slowly bend your right knee and keep it on your left thigh. Now gently raise both hands upwards while exhaling. Make your posture of Namaskar with both your hands high and keep deep breaths inward. Now while exhaling, leave the body loose and gently bring the hands down. After this repeat the same process with the left leg.

In Uttrasana, the body forms the shape of a camel. Just as a camel can live easily in the difficult conditions of the desert, if this asana is practiced regularly, it helps in giving a healthy life by removing all physical and mental troubles from the body.

Benefits of ustrasan
Helps improve digestion
Excess fat is reduced from chest and lower abdomen
Strengthens waist and shoulders
Helps reduce lower back pain
The practice of this asana increases flexibility in the spine.
This asana also helps in improving posture of the body.

The name of Paschimottanasana Yoga is made up of a combination of two words – West and Uttan. West means west direction or the back of the body and Uttan means drawn. Every person should do Paschimottanasana Yoga to get relief from spinal pain. While practicing this asana, stretch occurs in the back part of the body i.e. the spine, hence this asana is called Paschimottanasana. By doing this asana, the entire body part is stretched and it is very beneficial for the body. For people who have diabetes problems, Paschimottanasan acts like a panacea and helps to relieve the symptoms of this disease. Apart from this, this asana is considered very beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure problem.

Benefits of Paschimottanasan
Beneficial in relieving stress
Helpful in removing belly fat
Effective in making bones flexible
Beneficial for better digestion
Relieves insomnia problem

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Shashak means rabbit. While doing this asana, a person becomes a rabbit-like figure, that’s why it is called Sashakasana. This asana is done in many ways. First sit in Vajrasana and then lift both your hands up while inhaling. Feel the shoulders adjoining the ears. Then, bending towards the front, spread both hands forward parallel, while exhaling, place the palms on the ground. Then put the forehead on the ground. Stay in this position for some time and come back to the state of Vajrasana.

Benefits of Sasakasana
This asana is beneficial for heart patients. This asana reduces the fat in the stomach, waist and hips and provides strength to the intestines, liver, pancreas and kidneys. With regular practice of this asana, mental diseases like stress, anger, irritability also go away.


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