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new Delhi. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has made several provisions in the budget to deal with future health disaster. The Modi government has increased 137 percent more in this budget for the health sector. The central government has allocated Rs 2 lakh 23 thousand 846 crore for the health sector in the budget 2021-22. For the last budget i.e. 2020-21, the Modi government gave 94 thousand 452 crore rupees. Explain that in the 2017 National Health Policy, the target of allocation of 2.5 to 3 percent of the budget in the health sector was set. In the last Economic Survey, it was also said that it should be implemented immediately. This provision has been made in the health budget after the corona epidemic. Eminent doctors and experts of the country also believe that the increased budget will improve the health services of the entire country. Major hospitals like Delhi-NCR’s AIIMS will also be improved in this budget. Along with this, a state-of-the-art structure will be prepared for identification and investigation of many other diseases like corona epidemic.

Health sector topped in 6 pillars of the budget
The Modi government has topped the health sector in six pillars of the budget of 2021-22. The finance minister has made it clear that now the government is serious about providing cheap treatment to the common people with quality. In the Corona era, the private sectors played a very important role, but now the central government cannot leave the health sector solely on the private sector. Now the central government has shown in the budget that the government is also ready to take responsibility for it.

The Health Corona epidemic has attracted the attention of governments across the world for strengthening the health sector.  There has been an appeal from the World Bank to invest more in public health.  This is reflected in the Health Budget 2021-2022.

The corona epidemic has attracted the attention of governments around the world to strengthen the health sector.

What is the expert say
Dr. Uma Kumar, the country’s well-known rheumatologist and HOD professor of the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Department of Rheumatology, says, “The Prime Minister took the message of the Corona epidemic correctly and the budget for the health sector has many Made the provision The budget has also been increased for the health sector. Now the government has understood that it is not just to prepare a framework for better treatment of diseases, but emphasis should also be given on measures to prevent diseases before they occur. In the budget, it has been said to create surveillance system and a strong structure to detect and prevent infectious diseases. Now the government has thought that testing, reporting and monitoring of diseases should be done from the block to the district level. It has been said to open several laboratories in the country.

Budget is great
Uma Kumar says, ‘For the first time in the country, such a provision has been made in the budget. This will change the health infrastructure as well as develop healthcare. This budget has increased by Rs 310 crore for AIIMS. In the Corona epidemic, the health budget has been given due consideration.

Health Budget 2021

The Finance Minister said that the welfare of India and welfare of all is the first goal of our government.

District hospitals will also provide better infrastructure
Dr. MC Mishra, former AIIMS director and currently working at Sharda University, says, ‘There are many provisions made in the budget, which is welcome. Now the government’s attempt to convert district hospitals into medical colleges is commendable. Now it has to be seen how much the central government spends in it and how much the state government will do. Usually 70 percent of the central government and 30 percent of the state government spends in the health sector. With this, giving 35 thousand crores in the budget for Corona is a welcome step. In the Corona era, private sector hospitals did a good job, although the private sector cannot rely on healthcare, but the government did not make any provision in the budget to fill the vacant posts of doctors and nurses. I think this should also have happened in the health budget.

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It is worth mentioning that for the construction of infrastructure in the health sector, a new scheme has been announced in the name of ‘PM Self-Reliant Health India’. It is estimated to spend about 64 thousand crores on this scheme in the next six years. With this, a budget has been made to open 75 thousand rural health centers in the country. In all the districts of the country, it has been said to strengthen the Critical Care Hospital and Integrated Health Info Portal along with the investigation center.


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