Women becoming victims of dysthymia due to loneliness and domestic violence, learn symptoms

Women often suffer from mental depression and stress due to atrocities and domestic violence. According to medical science, most women suffer from diseases such as adjustment disorder or dysthymia due to atrocities or violence. Let’s know about this disease and what are its symptoms.

This is how adjustment disorder occurs

Generally, in most societies, women have to move to another family after marriage. Most of the women have to face difficulties in adjusting to the new environment. In many women, this problem persists for a long time. According to myUpchar, any person can adapt themselves to the environment in 6 months, but when many people are unable to do so, they become a victim of depression.These can be symptoms of adjustment disorder

When women are victims of adjustment disorder, their behavior becomes rebellious. Symptoms such as feeling anxious, sadness, lack of concentration, feeling helpless, lack of enthusiasm, fearful fear, poor sleep, without any reason start appearing. Apart from this, symptoms like muscle tension, stretch, pain or swelling, disturbances in digestion are also seen. Due to mental stress, sometimes family relationships also get affected.

Domestic violence can also cause dysthymia

According to myUpchar, dysthymia is a long-lasting low-grade depression and occurs mostly in domestic women. It can also be due to domestic violence or harassment. Symptoms of dysthymia are more common in women who suffer from loneliness or are depressed most of the time. Apart from this, symptoms like loss of appetite, lack of sleep, fatigue, loss of self-esteem can also be seen.

Increased adjustment disorder or dysthymia in lockdown

Domestic violence cases also increased when a nationwide lockdown was imposed due to Corona virus. Several reports also claimed that domestic violence cases doubled in lockdown. For this reason also, the symptoms of adjustment disorder or dysthymia have increased in women.

If women are under stress, then do treatment

If a woman suffers from mental depression or other physical illnesses due to domestic violence, then it is necessary to first raise her voice against it.

Apart from this, seek advice from a good doctor or psychiatrist and give information about unjust incidents happening to you. A good psychiatrist can also help in treating physical problems by telling the woman how to deal with these problems.

Women suffering from domestic violence should also do meditation, yoga, pranayama for mental peace. Symptoms of depression are more visible in some women. It is also caused by a change in hormones in women. Apart from this, women are also under stress due to periods. During the treatment of women, victims of domestic violence should not only tell the doctor the symptoms of diseases, but also the reasons for it so that it can be treated properly.Our article for more information, Symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment of depression Read. Health related articles on News18 are written by MyUpchar is the country’s first and largest source of verified health news. In myUpchar, researchers and journalists, along with doctors, bring all the information related to health for you.


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