Your smart phone is affecting not only the eyes, but also your skin, know how

Side Effects of Smart Phone on Skin: Smartphone usage has increased significantly during the Corona virus epidemic in the last one year. During the epidemic, people from smartphones, mobiles, televisions and laptops for work from home, school and entertainment are increasing many times more than before. Indian Express According to a research conducted by Indian technology research firm CMS (CMS), it has been found that in 2019, people who spent 4.9 hours a day on the screen are spending 5.5 hours till March this year. However, people who have a desk job, they have to work continuously in front of the screen for 10 to 12 hours, which is affecting the health of the people in some way.

Apart from eyes, skin is also affected

Till now, as a side effect of the screen, we used to hear that due to its excessive use, watery eyes, headaches, back pain etc. increase the pain but do you know how harmful it is to your skin too The Yes, due to the blue light emanating from it, many problems like pigmentation, aging start growing on your face.

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Indian Express Dr. Karishma Kagodu, a well-known cosmetic surgeon, told that the blue lights or high energy visible lights emanating from smart phones, tablets, televisions, LCD screens, LED bulbs etc. have high frequencies and shotwave light lights have violet / Blue Rage comes out. They cause pigmentation, tanning and aging on the skin. Not only this, in the new smart phones, the frequency of blue light is high, which also increases the photo sensitivity of body cells.

How harmful to the skin

– Skin experts say that if you are exposed to this blue light for three hours continuously, the effect is the same as standing in the sun for one hour continuously without using any sunscreen.

– It increases the natural aging speed of the skin and wrinkles start appearing on the face before age.

– It damages the skin collision due to which the problem of hyperpigmentation starts on the face.

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What is the solution

– Put blue light shield on your mobile, laptop etc.

– Use Dark Mode or Night Mode more and more.

Use sunscreen containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide also at home.

-Use the use of carrot seed oil in the skin care routine.

-Use vitamin C serum.

– Drink as much water as possible.

– Consume antioxidant food more and more in your food.


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