F1: Drive To Survive Netflix Documentary Coming By The End Of Feb

Buxton revealed that everyone on the production team believed that this was the best season they had produced.

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Thanks to the pandemic the 2020 season was an eventful one which has been captured in the documentary

F1 commentator Will Buxton has revealed on his YouTube channel that the Netflix documentary series “Drive to Survive”  continued its shoot despite the COVID19 bubbles and protocols during the 2020 season.

“The easy answer is yes [it’s happening]. That will come as no surprise if you have been watching F1 broadcast this year. You would have seen the Netflix crew in the background of loads of the shots, they have been on-site at all of the races,” Buxton said on his official Youtube channel.

“It’s no big surprise that season three will be back. It has been produced all year and it’s in post-production at the moment,” he added.

He added that the process for shooting the documentary was very different from the one in 2018 and 2019 when the documentary series was launched. Netflix producers had to adapt to the calendar as things changed quite frequently. They were fortunately on top of things just the way the F1 teams were. Some members of the crew were integrated with certain teams and were part of their bio bubble.


Some background shots were limited because of social distancing guidelines and longer microphones and zoom cameras were used which would be reflective in the production.


George Russell’s heartbreaking pitstops during the race at Sakhir was one of the highlights of F1 2020

Buxton revealed that everyone on the production team believed that this was the best season they had produced. It should be as the 2020 season was filled with drama, with dramatic driver moves at the beginning of the season, drivers missing races thanks to COVID19 and fairytale wins for both Pierre Gasly and Sergio Perez. There was also a lot of drama around the crash Grosjean crash which has changed F1 in someway. 


“Everyone working on this series believes it’s the best they’ve ever done. They are so keen on getting it out there for everyone to see it. And when are they going to see it? The easy answer for that is at the same time as season one and season two, around the end of February, early March launch on Netflix makes a huge amount of sense,” he revealed. 

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