Italian Brand Energica Unveils Liquid-Cooled Electric Motor

The Italian electric bike manufacturer, which is also the supplier for the MotoE class, has unveiled a powerful and efficient liquid-cooled electric motor.

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Energica is the single motor supplier for the MotoE class

Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica has joined hands with Italian engineering company Mavel, to co-design a new liquid-cooled electric motor that will be used in Energica’s upcoming electric motorcycle range. Called the EMCE (Energica Mavel Co-Engineering), the new liquid-cooled powertrain increases peak power to 126 kW (169 bhp), compared to the outgoing unit’s figures of 110 kW (147 bhp). The motor also offers increased range by 5-10 per cent, while decreases overall weight by as much as 10 kg. The new motor will be used in the firm’s electric motorcycle models for the 2022 model year.

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All 2021 models of Energica electric motorcycles come with fast charging, traction control and cruise control as standard

“The introduction on the market of the new EMCE engine was scheduled for release in 2022, but following the difficulties of our supply chain – due to the global pandemic situation – we decided to anticipate this timing and instead, in just 6 months we have developed this co-engineering with Mavel, into our current model year production,” said Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica.

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According to Energica, the new motor features innovative rotor and stators’ geometries that minimise energy losses and maximise performance. The innovative and patented cooling of the rotor is capable of generating an internal flow of air that laps the magnets and cools them. This allows the engine to exploit its potential even at high speeds. According to Energica, the new EMCE powertrain will be introduced in electric motorcycles in Europe later this year, followed by the US, and then Asia. Energica however, doesn’t have presence in India yet.

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