‘Global shortage may inflate monitor, flat screen prices’

A worldwide shortage of monitors, flat TV screens, interactive panels, projector displays and other such devices may push up prices of display products globally by 10-20% in the next three to four months, as per BenQ India.

“A serious shortage of display products is currently being felt across the globe as demand for such products grew at a record high post pandemic,” said Rajeev Singh, MD, BenQ India.

“China, the biggest manufacturer of ICs and other key components for display systems was shut for several months, resulting in a large, pent-up demand and a subsequent supply mismatch in global markets,” he added.

‘10-20% rise in prices’

This would eventually lead to a 10% to 20% increase in prices of all electronics and computing- display products globally in the next three to four months, he added. BenQ India is a part of the $25-billion Taiwanese electronics firm, BenQ Corporation.

Personal computer maker Acer, too, said the industry had been struggling, following a shortage of Integrated Circuits (ICs).

“Global technology supply chains have been grappling with the shortage of components when the ‘stay-at-home economy’ of the pandemic began fuelling the demand for computers, gaming consoles and other devices” said Sudhir Goel, chief business officer, Acer India.

Further commenting on the rising trend of `visuality,’ Mr. Singh of BenQ said, the pandemic had substantially increased the need for better `visuality’ and that trend was evident across diverse groups including teachers, doctors, researchers, techies, students, families and individuals.

“Doctors are wanting to use large display systems to make it convenient for their patients. Teachers prefer large screens to make their online classes more impactful. Also, individual homes are upgrading their display systems to enhance the quality of their entertainment and OTT viewing experiences. It’s happening in India and it is a global trend,’’ he added.

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