Bottle Gourd Benefits: Gourd juice is nectar in summer, learn benefits

Bottle Gourd Benefits- Many people do not like gourd vegetables. Bottle gourd is cold and contains a lot of water. In such a situation, it is very beneficial in summer season. Gourd can also be consumed as vegetable, salad, raita, soup or juice. Iron is found in abundance in the gourd. In such a situation, if people who have low hemoglobin, if they consume gourd, then their hemoglobin can be maintained. Apart from this, it also contains fiber, due to which it is very digestible. Apart from this, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron and sodium are also found in gourd. But did you know yet how beneficial gourd is for health. If not, knowing this you will definitely like to include it in your diet. Especially gourd juice. According to media reports, let’s know the benefits of gourd juice … (credit: shutterstock / StockImageFactory)


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