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Every month women have to go through period pain. During this time some women have mild cramps (Cramp), then many women have to go through an extreme cramp whose pain is unbearable. Such cramps affect everyday life and it becomes difficult for women to get out of bed due to pain. In such a situation, if we include some things in our diet in food and drink, then there is a scope of relief in this pain. Priya Kathpal, a well-known nutritionalist from Mumbai, has said that women will feel a lot of relief in this pain if they include certain things in their diet. So today we tell what things you can get relief from unbearable pain of period cramp.


Banana contains vitamin B6 which relieves pain in periods. Bananas are also rich in potassium, which solves the problem of bloating in the stomach. Women should eat bananas as snacks after having food on those days. Will benefit in pain.

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dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate is also considered good for these days. It controls your mood swings and gives relief from pain. Remember, keep away from white chocolate because it can increase your pain due to the amount of sugar in it. You can eat dark chocolate during pain and feel the difference immediately.

Green leafy vegetables

Green veggies, especially spinach period, control the pens a lot. Vitamin B6, vitamin E, magnesium present in it is a panacea especially for cramp pain. You can also eat them as a salad and soak them in light oil.


These days you must drink ginger tea. This will give great relief to your pain. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that will make your periods problem free in every case. You boil it in water, add black paper and honey and drink it as tea.

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Curd is rich in calcium which keeps the problem under control during periods. Priya Kathapal, a well-known nutritionist in Mumbai, says that women should eat calcium-rich food and include calcium-rich foods during periods, especially.


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