Ignore Do not take low blood pressure, these Ayurvedic tips will benefit

Home Remedies to Control Low Blood Pressure: Like high blood pressure, low blood pressure is also harmful for health in many ways. It is also called Hypotension. Normally our blood pressure should be 120/80 but if the blood pressure falls below this it is considered in the low blood pressure category. Medical news today According to this, due to low blood pressure, the necessary organs of the body such as the brain, lungs, kidney, etc., are not able to supply blood properly, which can also cause brain stroke, kidney failure and heart attack.

Usually, there is no need of medicines in case of low blood pressure. We can treat this by bringing changes in life style. Let’s know some Ayurvedic tips which we can adopt and normalize our low blood pressure immediately.


Cut ginger into small pieces, mix lemon juice and rock salt in it and keep it in a jar. Eat small amounts of it 3-4 times a day every day. Blood pressure will start to normal in a few days.tomatoes

Add black salt, black pepper to the tomato juice and drink. A few days of continuous consumption will start showing its effects.

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beetroot juice

Beet juice is very beneficial in low blood pressure. Drink this juice daily in the morning and evening. You will see a lot of difference.

date palm

Boil dates in milk and drink daily. If you want, you can eat dates in breakfast. This is very beneficial in making your blood pressure normal.


Boil some pieces of cinnamon in water and drink it in the morning and evening. This is very useful in low blood pressure.

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Add salt, roasted cumin, asafetida to the buttermilk and consume it daily. This will keep your blood pressure normal.


If you eat honey by adding fresh juice of Amla, it gives a lot of benefit in low blood pressure. You can also eat Amla in the form of jam or candy.


Eating raisins is also very beneficial when there is low blood pressure. Soak a little raisin at night and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning. This will give benefit in low pressure.


Carrots also help a lot in controlling low blood pressure. Drinking one-fourth spinach juice mixed with carrot juice makes it even more beneficial.

What are the symptoms of low blood pressure

Meaning According to this, fatigue, depression, nausea, thirst, pale skin, cold body, half-hearted and fast breathing, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, neck stiffness, etc. are common symptoms. If there is a problem of low blood pressure for a long time, then vomiting, fainting, excessive fatigue, blurring for some time or not showing anything, etc. are also symptoms.


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