Learn how catechu and why it is beneficial for health

If you are fond of betel leaf, then you should understand the importance of catechu well. Pan is tasteless without catechu. Catechu not only enhances the red color of betel leaf, but it also has many benefits to the body. Let’s know how katha is made and what are its benefits-

This is how catechu is made

The catechu emerges from the well tree, but the method of making it is slightly different. To make catechu, the trunk of Khair tree is cut and its wood is cut like thin chips. These chopped wood is then placed in a wire cage for boiling, in which 8-9 kg of wood is kept and boiled in water for about three hours. Extracts from this water are filtered with muslin cloth. Then it is put in an open vessel and kept in a shadow place until the catholis crystallize.

These are the benefits of eating catechuCatechu has anti fungal properties, that is, it helps prevent fungal infection. Also, it is effective in treating many types of skin allergies or pigmentation.

Eating catechu can also cure dental problems, it cures diseases like pyorrhea. Using catechu with betel helps strengthen the gums. Dissolve the catechu in mustard oil and rub it on the gums 3 times daily. This will eliminate the problem of bleeding and smell.

Catechu is also helpful in correcting the digestive system and it also clears the blood. Taking 300 to 700 ml of catechu in the morning and evening stops sour belching.

Diarrhea can also be treated by eating catechu mixed with honey. It cures problems like hemorrhoids. Use white catechu, large betel nut and nilathotha in equal amounts. First fry betel nut and nilathotha on fire and then mix catechu in it and grind it to make powder. Mix this powder in the butter and make a paste. Applying this paste on the pimples every morning for 8 to 10 days after defecation, dries the pimples.

There are two types of catechu, one is white and one is red, but in medicinal use only white catechu is used, not red catechu.

Eating honey and catechu on betel leaves provides relief in cold cold. Sucking about 300 milligrams powder in the mouth can give relief from throat problems like sore throat, stoppage of voice, sore throat and blisters etc. It should be consumed 5 to 6 times a day. Apart from this, licking catechu morning and evening is also beneficial. It also cures dry cough.

Diabetes patients should also eat catechu, this controls their sugar.

Catechu is also helpful in increasing appetite. Apart from this, it is also an effective medicine for those who have problems with urination. (Our article for more information, How to make katha, profit and loss Read.) (Health related articles on News18 are written by MyUpchar is the first and largest source in the country for verified health news. In myUpchar, researchers and journalists, along with doctors, bring all the health information for you.)

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes in relation to certain health conditions and their possible treatment. It is not a healthcare, screening, diagnosis and treatment option offered by a qualified and licensed physician. If you, your child or someone close is experiencing any such health problem, which is mentioned here, contact the doctor as soon as possible. Do not use the information given here for diagnosis or treatment of any health related problem or disease without expert advice. If you do this, neither myUpchar nor News18 will be responsible for any possible loss to you in such a situation.


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