Not only eating betel leaves, it also works to improve health, know how

Cough is relieved by taking honey mixed with betel juice / Image credit / News18

Cough is relieved by taking honey mixed with betel juice / Image credit / News18

Betel leaves are rich in medicinal properties. Use and consumption of these helps to overcome many health related problems.

Everyone will know about Betel Leaf or Paan. You must have eaten it at some time and offered it at the feet of God. But have you ever used betel leaves to overcome any health problem? Do you know that apart from chewing betel leaf and offering it to adorable, it is also used for improving health? If you do not know, it does not matter, you can know here. Let’s say that 1mg According to how paan benefits health. Relieves cold The use of betel leaves provides relief from cold and cold. For this, separate the stalk from the betel leaves. Then grind these stalks on the stone and add a little honey to it and consume it. It also provides relief in phlegm with cold and cold. read this also: These tips by Nutritionist Rujuta Divekar will give relief from heat and skin problem

Breast eliminates swelling

Many maternities are unable to feed their newborn baby due to any reason, due to which there is a lot of swaying in their breast. To remove this swelling, you can heat betel leaves and tie them on the breast. Tying it reduces swelling.
Aids in healing wounds Betel leaves can also be used to heal wounds. In the event of a wound, put betel leaves on the wound and tie it lightly with the help of cloth. This helps in healing the wound quickly. Children have a cold Betel leaves can be used to cure colds occurring in children. For the treatment, heat the betel leaves and apply castor oil to it, then tie these leaves on the child’s chest. This will help in curing the cold. read this also: Wheat Grass Juice will remove swelling, digestion will be better, know its other benefits Relieve headaches Betel leaves are also used to relieve headaches. To get relief from pain, you should tie a few betel leaves around the ear for some time with the help of a cloth. This will give relief in headache. Cough cures The help of betel leaf can be taken to cure dry cough. For this, grind a few betel leaves and extract the juice from it. Mixing a little honey in this juice and taking it relieves the problem of cough.(Disclaimer: this Article In Given Has gone Information And Notifications Normal Beliefs On Based on Huh. Hindi news18 Their Confirmation No Does is. In On Execution To do From first Related specialist From Contact Do the.)


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