Poppy is very useful for health as well as hair and skin, know its benefits

Benefits Of Poppy Seeds: Indian cuisine includes a variety of beneficial foods, one of which is poppy. It is a type of oilseed that we know by names like Poppy Seeds in English, Popto in Bengali, Gasagasalu in Telugu. Actually, it is the seed of a plant called Poppy, whose scientific name is Papaver somniferum. It is used in many ways in regional cuisines. Along with taste, it also has many health benefits. So let’s know what are its many benefits.

Nutrient rich

Poppy contains vitamins, minerals such as fiber, plant fat, protein, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin E, thiamine and iron. It contains a lot of manganese. It is also very useful for bone health and blood clots. Poppy contains omega 6 and omega 9, along with omega 3 fat alpha linolenic acid (ALA).

Gives relief from painThe poppy plant contains morphine, codeine, thebin and other opium alkaloids which is effective in relieving pain. If there is muscle spasm, then mix 1 gram powder of dry ginger in 2-4 grams poppy seeds. Add honey to it and eat it. Its use provides relief in spasm of hands or feet.

Beneficial for heart

Poppy oil contains mono and polyunsaturated fat which is beneficial for the heart. Explain that unsaturated fat can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by up to 17%. Apart from this, fat present in poppy oil also helps in healing the damage or wounds on the skin.

Aids in digestion

Poppy is rich in fiber that cures digestive system and relieves constipation. Not only this, it cools the stomach in the summer season and removes any kind of disturbance in the stomach.

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Is full of anti oxidant

Poppy seeds are rich in antioxidants that help protect the body from cellular damage. Not only this, it can also help in reducing the chance of various serious diseases.

Mouth ulcers

Poppy of poppy is cold, so it can help to soothe the heat of the stomach and soothe it with mouth ulcers.

Improve sleep

People suffering from sleep problems can use poppy seeds. In a research, it has been found that poppy is being used for insomnia problem for centuries.

Improvement in female fertility

According to researchers in the Netherlands and Australia, flushing the fallopian tubes with poppy oil can help with fertility. The fallopian tube is the route through which eggs pass from the ovary to the uterus.

Makes bone strong

Poppy is rich in nutrients like calcium, zinc and copper. Both these elements help in strengthening and developing bones.

Beneficial in diabetes

People suffering from diabetes can consume poppy seeds. It is rich in fiber, which is beneficial for type 2 diabetes.

Beneficial for hair

Due to having vitamins, minerals and protein, it is also very beneficial for hair. If it is used as a hair pack, then it ends the problem of dandruff and makes the hair longer. You can grind it with coconut milk, onion and apply it to the head.

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Beneficial for skin

Along with health, it is also very beneficial for the skin. Poppy contains linoleic acid, which can help relieve eczema and inflammation. You can also use it as a scrubber. Not only this, if your skin remains dry then use it in face pack, your skin will remain moisturized. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)


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