Red or Green, which apple is beneficial for heart patients

Consuming fruits is very beneficial for the body. Apple is considered the most nutritious of all fruits. Many diseases can be avoided by consuming an apple daily. Apples are of two types, red and green. Both red and green apples are nutritious, but which apple is more healthy for the body, this question comes in the mind of many people, so let’s know about the benefits of red or green apple-

Green apple better or red apple

According to myUpchar, both green apple and red apple have different advantages. Green apple is rich in fiber, the amount of carbohydrate and sugar is much less than that of red apple. Green apple is good for patients with diabetes and constipation. Red apple has more sweetness, so it should not be eaten by patients with diabetes. Red apple is full of antioxidants. Red apple is more helpful in keeping the body healthy than green this also – Hypertension can have an effect on sex life, know what precautions to take

Benefits of apple

According to myUpchar, eating an apple strengthens the immunity of the body. It is considered very good for patients with diabetes. Apple is rich in many anti-oxidant elements. Patients are mostly advised to eat apples as it helps them recover faster. Eating apple also eliminates brain problems. Consuming apples daily also helps in reducing weight. It is also helpful in detoxifying the body. It has anti-cancer properties, so its daily intake can also prevent cancer. Due to its use, stone problem can also be overcome in cheekbladder. It is also very beneficial for patients with cholesterol, asthma, Alzheimer’s. Apple is also beneficial in increasing the light of teeth and eyes. It is also the best source of vitamin C. It makes skin and hair good.

How to eat apple

Raw fruits are high in fiber. Digestive process is improved by eating such fruits. Apart from this, it is also beneficial in many diseases related to heart disease, stomach and liver. Eating apple with peels gives more benefit. The rind is rich in fiber, which removes the problem of stomach upset. It is also helpful in removing weakness. Both apples are better in terms of health, any healthy person can consume both types of apples.

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Ramban medicine for heart patients

Apple is a panacea for heart patients. People who have problems like high BP or heart blockage, they should consume an apple daily. If you take a spoon of apple extract with garlic, ginger and lemon juice regularly, then the risk of heart blockage is eliminated. It should be consumed with pure honey.

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