Use apple cider vinegar properly, otherwise it may harm your health

Avoid drinking apple vinegar just before bedtime. Image Credit: News 18

Avoid drinking apple vinegar just before bedtime. Image Credit: News 18

Apple Cider Vinegar: Who is not aware of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (Apple Cider), but it is possible only when you use it properly.

Apple Cider Vinegar: We are all aware of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar or apple cider vinegar. It is very good for health. Due to this, its use is common in homes, but if you do not know the correct use of it, then it can also prove to be a loss deal for you instead of profit. Not taking it properly can also be dangerous for health. Here we are going to tell you how to use apple vinegar properly. Before taking this vinegar in any way, keep these five things in mind.

1. Avoid taking after eating:

For the benefit of apple vinegar body, it is important to know when to take it. For example, if you eat it after eating, then it is not good for health. Change this habit immediately. For its better benefits, it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach. If you have digestive problems, it is right to take it just before eating. It can be a better alternative to gastric juice, so the food is easily digested.

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Apple vinegar can cause a counter reaction to the nose or eyes, so it should be avoided by inhaling or snorting before drinking. Its smell is extremely strong. This can cause you trouble. Avoid breathing very fast whenever you take it. Drink one to three teaspoons of this vinegar with 100 ml of water.

3. Do not take before going to bed:
Avoid drinking apple vinegar just before bedtime. This can be harmful to the food pipe. However, whenever you consume Apple cider vinegar. Make sure to sit for at least 30 minutes straight, so that it can be avoided in the food pipe irritation or acid reflux.

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4. Avoid excessive use:
It gives extreme damage to anything and the same applies to apple cider vinegar. Avoid taking an overdose when taking it for the first time. In case of irritation or any kind of discomfort in the stomach, reduce its amount.

5. Do not brush:

Avoid brushing immediately after consuming apple vinegar. Brushing it as soon as you drink damages the enamel of its teeth. Brush it at least half an hour after taking it. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)


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