Yoga Session: Do this yoga practice to keep the body healthy, immunity will be strong

Yoga Session: In today’s Live Yoga Session, we learned many small yoga exercises. At this time, for those who are still doing work from home, it is necessary to include these asanas in the routine. Yoga maintains good health. At the same time, yoga also has an important role in maintaining immunity. Through these asanas, health remains fine and stress is also relieved. Through these asanas, the body remains flexible and there is strength in hands and feet. While practicing yoga, keep in mind that they should be done slowly. Before exercise, keep these three rules in mind that take a good deep long breath, follow the pace and do yoga according to your ability.

First of all you stand up and keep your waist and neck straight. Now raise your hand above the head and while breathing slowly pull the whole body. Feel the stretch from the toes to the toes. Maintain this state for some time and inhale and exhale. Then while exhaling, slowly bring your hands and body to the first position. In this way one cycle is completed. Tadasana yoga makes the whole body flexible. This is a yoga posture that brings flexibility in the muscles to a great extent. It lightens and relaxes the body. Apart from this, it also gives shape and beauty to the body. Melts the excess body fat and brings a new glow in your personality.

cervical strength development yoga
To do this yoga kriya, stand in your place. Those who are unable to perform this action while standing can also do it sitting. Those who cannot sit on the ground can also practice it by sitting on a chair. Standing in a comfortable position, rest the hands on the waist. Keep the body loose. Keep the shoulders completely relaxed. While exhaling, bring the neck forward. Try locking the chin. People who have problems with cervical or neck pain, leave the neck loose and do not lock the chin. After this, while inhaling, move the neck backwards.

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marjari seat
Marjari Asana is called as Cat Pose in English. It is also known as cat stretch pose. By doing this asana, the flexibility of the spine and back muscles remains. Marjari asana is a forward bending and backward twisting yoga posture. Cat walk is famous all over the world, but we discuss about cat pose in yoga asana class. This asana is beneficial for your body in many ways. This asana gives a good stretch to the spine. Along with this, it gives relief in back pain and neck pain.

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