3-member convener committee constituted for Anna University

Vice Chancellor M.K. Surappa’s tenure ended on Sunday and the committee will oversee the affairs of the University until the next V-C assumes charge

A three-member convener committee has been constituted to oversee the day-to-day affairs of Anna University in the absence of a Vice-Chancellor. V-C M.K. Surappa’s tenure ended on April 11.

It is learnt that Mr. Surappa visited the Governor-Chancellor on Monday morning and thanked him for the opportunity to serve the institution. After the meeting Mr. Surappa convened a virtual syndicate meeting in which the members of the convener committee were appointed.

The committee comprises Higher Education Secretary Apoorva, who will be the convener, Additional Chief Secretary to the Government Hans Raj Verma, who holds full additional charge of the Information and Technology Department and syndicate member and Chairperson of the Information and Communication Engineering Department at the University, Ranjani Parthasarathi. .

The committee will conduct the affairs of the University until the next V-C assumes charge.

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