Karnataka CD scandal | In new video, victim says she continues to face threats from Jarikholi

A day after an FIR was filed against BJP MLA Ramesh Jarkiholi for sexual abuse, a video attributed to the victim surfaced on Saturday, in which she states that she continues to face harassment and threats from the former minister.


In the video, she also denied the claim that she had met KPCC president D.K. Shivakumar. An audio of a purported telephone conversion of the victim with her parents, aired on TV channels, had references to Mr. Shivakumar. She said in the video that she had told her parents she was meeting Mr. Shivakumar only to convince them that she was safe.


“The very fact that this conversation has been leaked shows that my parents are not safe,” said the woman.


“SIT has been saying that they will give protection. I urge them to bring my parents to Bengaluru,” she said, adding that they were not safe.


Referring to Mr. Jarkiholi stating that as one who had brought down a government in the past, he was ready to face anything, the woman said, “This means that he can go to any length. He can harm my family and myself as well.”


She said she was willing to make a statement to the police only in the presence of her family.


The video clip released on Saturday is the fourth from the victim.


On Friday, Mr. Jarkiholi was charged under various sections of the IPC and the IT Act.


In her complaint, filed through a lawyer, the woman accused Mr. Jarkiholi of sexually assaulting, cheating and threatening her after promising her a government job.


Mr. Jarkiholi had told reporters that he had evidence to show that it was all a “political conspiracy” against him and he would release more evidence.


Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that the SIT will conduct a holistic probe, taking into account the CD as well as the many audio and video clippings that had surfaced related to the case.


Shivakumar reacts


Mr. Shivakumar said that he had never met the woman, though she may have tried to meet him to seek his help.


Speaking to the media, he said, “Several people in distress try to meet me asking for my help every single day. She too may have tried to meet me… I may have tried to keep track of Jarkiholi when he disappeared with our MLAs. But this case is a personal matter; I am not tracking.”


He further said, “We have good officers and I am confident they will investigate.”

Parents questioned


Later, the woman’s parents appeared before SIT officials.


The officials are said to be recording their statement about the kidnap case, threat perception and the conversations they have had with the woman.

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