Kerala Assembly elections | Suresh Gopi’s statement reveals CoLeBi alliance in Kerala: Pinarayi Vijayan

BJP candidate Suresh Gopi had said that the IUML candidate K.N.A. Khader should win in Guruvayur and the LDF candidate A.N. Shamseer should be defeated in Thalassery

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the BJP, the Congress, the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) and the UDF have struck a deal between them and BJP candidate Suresh Gopi’s statement makes it clear.

Mr. Gopi had said that the IUML candidate K.N.A. Khader should win in Guruvayur and the LDF candidate A.N. Shamseer should be defeated in Thalassery.

It only reveals a deal between the BJP, the Congress, the IUML and the UDF, Mr. Vijayan said while addressing a press conference in Kannur on March 29.

However, the League, the Congress or the UDF should not consider that the BJP’s open statement for IUML candidate’s win would benefit them.

Recalling BJP leader O. Rajagopal had earlier said that there were such moves locally and their party was benefiting from them, Mr. Vijayan said that when a deal is struck, the BJP ensures their advantage. Nemom is a proof of that, he added.

The IUML, the Congress and the UDF have accepted the agreement that the BJP would help them to win the constituency where they have good vote share. This reveals that help in Guruvayur, Thalassery and Devikulam constituencies, where the BJP has rejected its candidature, will be in other constituencies as well.

He said the deal between them was revealed much earlier, when the government in the Kerala Legislative Assembly passed a resolution ensuring that Kerala would not implement the Citizenship Law Amendment.

The Congress did not accept the government’s stand to be together to raise agitation against the amendment of the citizenship law. The UDF remained silent even when the Central government takes a wrong stand towards Kerala.

“The motive behind their mutual understanding is to subvert the achievements of Kerala. The League and the Congress are getting ready to go to extremes to get a few votes,” he said. This is the broadest form of the old CoLeBi (short form Congress-League-BJP ) alliance‌, he accused

While the Centre is trying to destabilise the country by using Central agencies, the Congress and the UDF are encouraging it

To a question that Jose K. Mani had said that there should be a check on the existence of ‘love jihad’ in Kerala, the CM said that he did not hear about it and the media should ask Mr. Mani about this.

When the Sabarimala issue was raised Mr. Vijayan said the media is working hard to create unnecessary controversy.

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