LDF govt. harbouring religious fundamentalists: Ladakh MP

Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, MP, president of the BJP’s Ladakh unit, has accused the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government of harbouring religious fundamentalist groups and attempting to “transform Kerala into Kashmir”.

Speaking to media persons here on Sunday, Mr. Namgyal alleged a complete breakdown of law and order in the State with CPI(M) cadres “running amok”. “Crime against women is on the rise. While the LDF scuttled the probe in the Walayar case (pertaining to the death of two minors), as many as 32 political murders have taken place during the last five years,” he said.

Gold smuggling case

The BJP leader said gold smuggling case had brought shame to the people of the Kerala. For the first time in the country, a Chief Minister’s office was hand-in-glove with smugglers, he said.

He also accused the government of ignoring youth welfare and failing to address the problem of unemployment.

Several deserving people were being denied jobs, despite there being a State Public Service Commission. The situation even prompted a 28-year old rank-holder to commit suicide recently, he said.

He added that while Ladakh that had witnessed stagnant growth for several decades was currently on the path of development, Kerala had not been able to achieve satisfactory growth levels during the last seven decades.

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