Sunrise Hospital loses COVID treatment permit, Anil Neuro fined ₹2 lakh

The former was ‘overcharging’ patients while the latter did not have permission

The district administration imposed a temporary ban on Sunrise Hospital in the city for overcharging patients and committing other violations in treatment of patients. Another hospital, Anil Neuro, was imposed a fine of ₹2 lakh for treating patients without permission.

Joint Collector and Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Healthcare Trust additional CEO L. Siva Shankar inspected the hospitals on Monday and said that it emerged that Sunrise Hospital was overcharging patients in violation of G.O. 77 following initial verification of the documents during the inspection.

He said the hospital’s permission to treat COVID patients was temporarily revoked while the treatment for patients already admitted was allowed to continue.

Later, officials inspected Anil Neuro Hospital which applied for permission to treat COVID patients. However, officials were surprised to see 12 COVID patients already being treated at the hospital.

Mr. Siva Shankar asked the public to lodge their complaints with the government by dialling 104 or 1902. Vijayawada Sub-Collector H.M. Dhyana Chandra, DMHO M. Suhasini, and Aarogyasri coordinator Balasubrahmanyam took part in the inspection.

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