NASA astronaut reveals how she shampoos hair in microgravity, leaves netizens in awe – Watch

New Delhi: In an answer to the curious questions about how astronauts living in spcae accomplish their daily-life activities with nearly no or less gravity in outer space. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Megan McArthur from ISS (International Space Station) shares a clip to demonstrate exactly how the astronauts wash their hair up in space.

McArthur has provided a detailed step-by-step process on how she washes hair in space. She started by wetting her hair with the help of a pouch of water. She put the water on her scalp and covered the hair with a towel so that it water droplets don’t spread all over the area in zero gravity.

She then combs her hair to spread water all over her hair and apply shampoo and combs again. After applying the shampoo she rinses it with minimal water while covering hair with a towel. She ends the process by styling her hair straight.

The shampoo used by the astronauts is a no-rinse shampoo that requires no water to wash off. The video has garnered over 41k views hundreds of comments expressing amusement over the process.

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